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Since 1993 we have proudly made American LED Par Lamps, LED R-20 Lamps and Strip Lights, and LED replacement Exit sign Retrofit Kits, they are the best of the best! We only use the three top Manufacturers of LED's.

Our latest feat is an LED replacement Retrofit Kit for Inlay Ceiling/Troffer Lamps. These LED Lights can be used as a Retrofit Kit for current Fluorescent Light Fixtures, or for new construction. In new construction you would not even need Fluorescent Light Fixtures if using Inlay Ceilings!

For Industrial Lighting and Commercial Lighting this is an incredible breakthrough.

In our pursuit to constantly design more efficient lighting we have been able to meet our Customers wants, needs and concerns.

Finally, a Company that makes High Power LED Lamps and LED Strip Lights to your Specifications.

And to back up our World class Lamps, we also offer some of the Worlds longest Warranties!

Firefly can offer High Power LED Lamps at up to 120 Lumen per Watt (twice the efficiency of standard Fluorescent tubes), up to 8 separate colors of White light and 5 different Viewing Angles with up to 3 Color Rendering Indexes.

Not all LED's are created equal, serious lighting applications require serious light. Our American made High Power LED Lamps are designed to replace inefficient Incandescent, and even Fluorescent, light bulbs up to 200 Watts.

When considering the conversion  from Incandescent, or Fluorescent, to High Power LED Technology there are two important factors to consider: Lumen and Wattage.

Lumen are a measurement of light output and Wattage is a measurement of Energy consumed.

The key in achieving efficiency in lighting is to decrease power consumption while maintaining the level of light required for a particular application.

Firefly has always been on the cutting edge of this Technology and our reliability has been proven since 1993.

For example, it can take two or three other Manufacturers LED Lamps to equal the light output from just  one of our LED Lamps. They might be able to match our light output by using more LED's in their Lamps, however, the extra heat would likely make their LED Lights fail much sooner.

Would you trust your hard earned Dollars and hassles to an unknown Brand?

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